The Best Tool for Mobile Marketing Automation: XtremePush

by / Tuesday, 14 July 2015 / Published in Latest posts, Tech

We’ve built hundreds of apps over the past number of years. For every app that we’ve launched we’ve been asked to include tools for app analytics, user engagement and install attribution sources. Due to this we’ve trialled, tested and implemented every tool available to app developers to analyse app usage, track user conversions, and enhance the user experience using app notifications and in-app messaging.

To date the best tool that we can recommend for app developers, brands, agencies for mobile marketing automation is XtremePush. In one single SDK XtremePush allow brands to track attribution installation statistics to individual user profiles and analyse those users throughout their user life cycle to get a single view of the app user. This allows our clients to achieve their app KPIs around app retention, heightening in app purchases and drive user engagement.

The XtremePush platform provide brands and developers with tools for user segment, iBeacon targeting, funnel analytics and app engagement. We can’t recommend it enough.

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